The Sheboygan Dog Training Club offers a wide variety of classes

to suit your interests and your dog's skill level.

Since the Sheboygan Dog Training Club is a not-for-profit organization, our instructors are members of our club who volunteer their time and talent to meet our training needs. Therefore, classes are scheduled based on their availability and the availability of training space at our facility.  As instructors are secured, classes will be scheduled and registration will be announced, so please check back for upcoming classes.  

Our facilities are climate controlled so you can train in comfort year around! Our classes meet once a week for 6 weeks. Please carefully read the Class Descriptions below to determine which class you belong in. Cost of classes is $84 (Puppy Class is $92). Payment must be received to assure your space in a class (this includes Club members as well). PayPal is the easiest way to pay, but if that is not an option for you, you must contact the Obedience/Puppy Director of Training at: DOT for Obedience & Puppy or the Nose Work Director of Training at: DOT for Nose Work


Please check back for updates as we are preparing to resume obedience classes in the near future!


If you have questions about our Puppy, Basic Obedience/Pet Manners or other classes, please contact our Obedience/Puppy Director of Training at: DOT for Obedience & Puppy.

Nose Work Classes will begin again on Monday, June 29th. Please sign up by clicking the following: Nose Work Class Sign Up. If you have further questions, please contact our Nose Work/Scent Work Director of Training at: DOT for Nose Work for more information.


Registration is a 3-step process; registration is not complete without completing all three steps.

1) Choose the right class (see times above and descriptions below) and sign up at: 

Puppy / Obedience Classes: Check Back for Future Sign Ups

Nose Work Classes: Sign Up

2) Download and fill out the Training Application Blank. You can request a pdf to be emailed to you if you have trouble with the one here. This can be scanned and emailed, along with copies of vaccination records, to DOT for Obedience & Puppy or DOT for Nose Work. Only readable copies accepted. If you cannot download or scan, you will need to come 10-15 minutes early the first week to complete this step. Please remember to bring copies of your vaccination records too.

3) Pay with PayPal: Please sign up for a class before paying to assure your spot in that class.

Class Type


Class Descriptions:

0bedience (6 week sessions):

Puppy Class - Puppies 8 weeks to 20 weeks This class is taught using a clicker and positive reinforcement. Skills introduced: Walking on a loose leash, basic commands(sit, down, come, stay), attention/ focus, leave it, house training, relaxation. We will also address body awareness and balance using obstacles. These concepts will be taught using a variety of exercises and games.

Basic Obedience / Pet Manners - Dogs 5 months and older; geared toward having a dog you can live with! Emphasis will be on basic commands (sit, down, stay, come, walking on leash) plus learning to interact with people and dogs in a variety of situations. Will address common issues such as bolting out the door, greetings, chewing, jumping and more.

Beginners 101 - Dogs 7 months and older. Emphasis will be on helping to strengthen and create a solid foundation of basic obedience. Learn fundamentals of good behaviors such as attention, proper position for heeling, sit, stay, down, come, walking on a loose leash while staying in position, etc. Dogs will learn to work with the distractions of other people and dogs

Intermediate/CGC - (Prerequiste Super Puppy class or Basic Obedience/Pet Manners) Handlers and dogs will continue to work on basic obedience with the introduction of distractions, duration and distance. A variety of activities will help proof the dog to be more comfortable in group and community settings. For those interested, the Canine Good Citizen test will be provided at the end of the class.

Novice - Open - Utility - This class will include a variety of different exercises taken from Novice, Open, and Utility such as: retrieving, jumping, drop on recall, long stays, hand signals and more. Some ring work will be taught as well. Dogs do not have to have previous titles, but should be able to work off leash or at least be under control when dropping the leash.

Tricks Class - This class will focus on the tricks needed to pass the AKC Trick Dog Titles. For those interested, the Trick Dog testing will be provided at the end of the class.

Nose Work (6 week sessions):

Intro To Nose Work - The Nose Work class concept and sport was created to provide an opportunity for the companion dog to have an outlet for their natural hunting and scenting abilities and was inspired by the model of working detection dogs, such as bomb, drug, narcotic, etc. search dogs. This class introduces the concept of the game, builds handler observation skills and timing, and gets the dog focused. The foundation steps are critical to the development of a strong handler/dog team.

Intro To Odor - (Prerequisite INTRO TO NOSE WORK) 

( * denotes that a member can request a waiver of prerequisite from the Director of Nose Work)

Continuing Nose Work Classes - (Must be on Odor) - Dogs will be exposed to various search situations. There will be challenges. Handlers will continue to learn observation skills and gain practice in learning to read their dog.

Agility (7 week sessions):

Foundations for Agility- this seven week class covers the foundations needed for a successful agility team. This class will focus on building a relationship between yourself and your dog. Through a variety of fun, interactive games, body awareness and flatwork exercises you will build your dog’s confidence and enthusiasm for success in Agility.

Agility 1 - This seven week class introduces agility obstacles while continuing to build teamwork, body awareness and flatwork exercises learned in Foundations. Prerequisites: Dogs

Continuingmust complete “Foundations for Agility” or have instructor approval.

Agility 2 – This seven week class continues to work on obstacle proficiency. Beginning agility terminology and handling skills will be introduced. Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed Agility 1 or have instructor approval.

Agility 3 – This seven week class will build on the skills learned in Agility 2. Will work on strengthening independent obstacle performance, full height contacts for those ready and increase handling skills. Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed Agility 2 or have instructor approval.

Pre-Novice – During this seven week class, dogs at this level are working on full height equipment. Continuing focus on independent obstacle performance, handling skills, starting distance work and short course sequences. Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed Agility 3 or have instructor approval.

Competition Level.Novice/Open - During this seven week class, dogs at this level are ready to train on novice and open level courses, dogs must be able to work with distractions. Handlers learn course analysis and more advanced handling techniques. Prerequisites: dogs at this level are ready to complete novice and open level courses.

Excellent/Masters Challenge Class – This seven week class builds on handling skills, helping students refine their timing, course analysis and running more complicated/international challenge type sequences. Prerequisites: Dogs must be competing or ready to compete at the Masters Level.Investment:  

All Agility Classes $100